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Have you ever wanted to do some research on someone online but didn’t know where to look? I’m not talking about a celebrity or some kind of creepy stalker thing. I’m talking about tracking down an old friend from school or a former work colleague. I’m talking about preparing for an upcoming meeting with someone you don’t know by reading their biography. Or when someone you don’t know sends you an email or adds you to their IM list. Stuff like that.

I find myself in that situation often. And about six months ago I mused out loud “wouldn’t it be great if there was a site where people could upload not only their basic contact information but their biography as well. I know most bloggers have an “about” page with that kind of information, but what about non-bloggers and people who aren’t prominent enough to be listed in Wikipedia?

Well now such a place exists and we’ve called it wHooiz.

The service is still in “whisper mode” which means we have come out of “stealth mode” and are talking about it… but only quietly. We’re still getting feedback from our early users and we’d love to get your feedback as well.

One of the cool things you can do with wHooiz is create your “My Friendz” list and put that up on your blog. Check out some of these sites for examples of “My Friendz” in action:

G’Day World podcast

Clarke Scott’s blog

Rob Farley’s blog

Interestingly, as of today, a Google search on “whooiz” returns 9,450 results. I wonder how many there will be a year from now?

If you have any questions about wHooiz, you can email the guys behind it:

Cameron Reilly and Clarke Scott

And if you want to learn more about wHooiz, and you’re an auditory type, you can listen in to the podcast we did here.


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