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WordPress plugin guru wanted

Have you build plug-ins for wordpress before?

Are you interested in working for

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Whooiz Blog and Podcasts Communities

Hi All,

I’ve just released the latest version of and there are is quite a few changing.
For a start now has community based groups.
So whether you are a podcaster or blogger there is a community for you to join that will help you get more readers.
These communities will be a great way for you to promote your blogs and podcasts so go add yours.

My hope is that these communities will become the place on the internet for people to find blogs or podcasts about a given

There are plans a foot to provide Top 10 and Top 100 lists for communities but there needs to be blogs and podcasts in them first 😉

Also with the release of the communities is another widget that will allow your readers or listeners to vote for your site. Visitors can vote for your blog or podcast from both and via the widget that you place of your site.
We will use this data as part of the Top10 and Top100 lists algorithm so make sure you add the widget to your site.

Have a nice day

More Widget updates

Just a quit update to announce the release of our Ajax Recent Readers and Friends List widgets.
You can see a working example here 

To get the code for the new Ajax widgets just login and go to the account details section and then to the widgetz page. Then just replace your existing widget be it the recent readers or friends list with the new Ajax code.

Have fun!

If you have any problems or questions email me 🙂