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New widget functionality

I know this is way overdue but, I’ve added the functionality to customize your Friendz List and Recent Visitors widget.
You can now remove names, change image size, have multiple profiles per row and change the width of the widgets.



And the winner is…

Hi All,

The lucky winner of the Nintendo Wii  is Miriam Parkinson.

Congrats Miriam I ‘m sure your family will have lots fun 🙂

While I have your attention I’d also like to mention a new site I’ve been working on.
Its separate from and is called Blogarate. You can see it at

What is it? is a free service that let’s readers of your blog rate your blog posts and displays the last 5 readers to rate your post. The widget also sends that information via the magic of Ajax to for processing. The data collected includes blog post Url, title, author, tags and the rating. We process the data and display it for users to find related blog posts and news items.